Friday, March 22, 2013

The Appeal of Indian Dramas

When I initially started my blog back in December, I thought to myself, “What the hell am I doing starting a blog, I have like no freakin’ thing to write about, what the hell am I getting myself into”, so it is with that feeling that I asked a friend of mine to suggest a topic for me to write on, and he suggested to me that I should write about why people like these Indian TV serials so much. Well that topic just got buried amongst my list of possible topics plus I just never came about to writing on this topic either. Well today the topic has been revived as it was dug out of its grave and subsequently resurrected. So here it is.

Indian TV serials are very popular in my country. They have declined in popularity since the past several years due to the arrival of good quality locally made television serials plus Turkish TV serials which are dubbed in Urdu. Indian TV serials are pure insanity. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have anything against India or Indian people, but I am sorry to say, these TV serials are insane. And Monday to Friday (or now Monday to Saturday and schedules have changed) I get a dose of them, whether I like them or not, so I would say that I do enough to spit out an article on it.

Firstly, they have so much jewellery, all the time dressed up in makeup and jewellery like it is nobody’s business. The people can be facing tough financial problems to the extent that they have had to sell off their furniture and their other personal belongings and have been forced to shift from their huge mansion which was spread over acres into a one room home, and yet the makeup and the jewellery will remain intact as it is. The clothes even remain as expensive. And what is even more interesting is that they even go to sleep with all that makeup and jewellery. I wonder how they do that, jewellery can be very uncomfortable in your sleep. Even when conducting the household chores the jewellery remains intact.

Money is a big issue in the shows too. Gives people a glimpse of how the elite class lives. The elite class, to many, appears to be very fascinating and very interesting. All of the individuals portrayed in the Indian TV serials belong to the elite class. Their homes are mansions with mega sized rooms. Nobody seems to be living in an apartment or a normal sized house at all. Nobody seems to have a job either. Everyone is running some kind of a mega super sized business which is worth millions upon billions upon trillions of rupees. And on top of it, the business keeps on expanding. They are always meetings, new contracts to sign, new projects to begin, sites to visit. And what exactly does their business deal with? That forever remains a mystery. Apparently mystery businesses bring in more money than a bank has.

They all have the same theme too, which is family politics. It is rare where a family will get along with each other, it has families riddled and plagued with politics. Personally if you ask me, if you stuff so many people under one roof to the extent that there is four generations of a crapton of people living under one roof, politics is ensured. Anyways, even in the politics, there is one conspirator whose job it is to plot and plan and poke their nose where it doesn’t belong and tries to make everyone’s lives impossible. And there will be someone who will behave like the “goody two shoes” so to speak, who is always trying to solve all the politics related issues that are going on.

This is my favourite part. How to be mean to your daughter in law. If you want to like be really mean to your daughter in law, exclude her from housework in the sense that ban her from carrying out any housework. Instead of being happy that they no longer work, they will cry and scream and beg you to let them do the housework to the extent that they’ll say they’ll take any punishment but this. Personally I don’t see how reducing a person’s duties and responsibilities are punishment. Well, I was discussing this very issue with someone and she told me that it signifies a lack of importance, so I don’t know. Maybe it is lack of importance, but this just never fails to amuse me. Mean mother in law is yelling at daughter in law, “from today you will not wash the dishes” or “from today you will not put the food on the table” and then the daughter in law is begging to be allowed to continue to wash the dishes or put the food on the dining table.

It must be for these reasons that these insane television serials manage to rake up so much appeal....   


  1. hahahaha....loved it...i hate the typical saas-bahu dramas...they are so tacky....spoiling the general middle and lower class public (the upper class hardly cares)...