Saturday, February 16, 2013

Glee.. The TV Show

Okay so the television show that I just finished is Glee. I thought, as I keep on writing about the books that I read here, along with other random topics, why not write about the television shows that I watch? Generally I am very slow when it comes to watching television shows as I watch only one episode per day and I usually choose series that have been cancelled/concluded/ended because I get really wrapped in the story hence I just have to know how it ended. But Glee was an exception as it is currently been aired. I have only seen the first three seasons as the fourth one is being filmed, so got to wait for that.

So this is one show that I found that I can relate to. To the overall basic theme, I mean. This show revolves around a high school’s glee club which is basically a singing and dancing club. There are around twelve students in the club, and there is a lot of diversity amongst the people in the club. Diversity in the sense that all of the members of the club come from all walks of life, in the high school sense. It had the most popular kid to the rejected kid, to the top athlete to the physically impaired kid, to the racial majority to the racial minority, strictly straight people to people who strictly identify with the LGBT community.

This show has some really awesome song and dance routines in every episode. If you are a music lover and you like watching dances then you should watch it. Because the characters like break into music at random times with a song related to what is currently going on in the story.

The show has addressed many key issues that high school students face. Like acceptance. How being different and not fitting in can be very tough on students and how it can mentally take its toll on them and how it can affect grades. So this group of outcasts find acceptance in the glee club and it shows the benefit of acceptance. This is the main recurring issue as the main theme of Glee is that acceptance is something everyone deserves and should get. It is okay to be yourself and in fact, you must always be yourself. You will be accepted just the way you are.

I would definitely recommend the show!

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