Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Acceptance and Rejection

Why does acceptance come with so much difficulty and hardship and rejection come so easily? This is one question that has been bothering me since yesterday.

Call me stupid or too sensitive, but this has been my own observation. If someone changes their attitude towards you, or if someone suddenly starts avoiding you or looking at you differently, you can easily tell. The feeling of rejection can come just so easily. At least for me it can come very easily, but maybe that is because I know it is a matter of time before rejection occurs. Because no matter what people say or do, or reassure you that they are with you for the long haul, everyone leaves eventually. Some people may leave after one day, some people may leave after ten years, but all leave at some point. And a person does not even have to leave to reject you, they can just stay around in your live forever and ever and keep on rejecting you at the very exact same time. Rejection is never easy to handle. But it happens all the time. You can just sit in the corner minding your own beeswax and get rejected.

Acceptance, on the other hand, is very difficult to come by. To be accepted you have to fit a mold. Do so much hard work. Behave in a certain way. You are expected to make so many changes in yourself, changes that are not even humanly possible, and even if they are, you should not do them. Still, there is no guarantee of acceptance.

The best way to deal with all of this is to simply not deal with people. If you don't deal with people, you at least never put yourself up for rejection. Being on your own with no friends is never easy, but at least it helps you avoid rejection because even the person you consider a best friend, will reject you one day. Its best to remain alone than to put yourself up for rejection.

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  1. Whatever happened Shana? You're always so optimistic and filled with positive energy and now this post. Yes, people leave and they may dislike some things about you even if they're around but the very fact that they're around vouches for thr fact that they have accepted you for who you are with all your quirks and flaws and mood swings and unreasonability. I believe something radical must have happened to trigger this train of thought in you but trust me, its a phase and it'll pass. And then you'll realize some people are here to stay.